Sunday 14 March 2021


My Dunton-Taylor tunnel delta pulling line in a very gentle breeze February 9, 2021

This little "blog" is most of all a little memory bank for myself. Here I'm going to store good memories and tricks of the kite-building hobby that I have learned by trial and error, but even more by reading a lot of great books about kite-building and an endless lot of available info available online.

I have recently rediscovered the great joy of drawing. Now paper and pencils have been replaced with an iPad with an Apple pen. With this at hand I love playing around with ideas for new kite designs, test colors, translucency etc. The successful ones of these designs will be shared here on the blog. 
I give these designs away for free. Private or commercial use, I don't really care. Do whatever you will with them. They will be public domain. What is important is that you create and fly a kite.

So one day when my memory starts to fail me and I don't remember how to do a particular thing - or just need to enjoy happy memories.
I suspect it will have more pages on particular tricks than just plain memories, although going back to see how I learned this or that, and look at the pictures of kites from the past, surely will give me lots of happy moments as my photo archive index is already doing (although I've never really finished it).
If you like bird and landscape photography, you're hereby invited to take a look.

Since I'm not building kites the traditional way with ripstop and sewing machines, it is my hope that some of my tricks may be of use to other people starting up to make their own plastic kites.

My PUBLIC DOMAIN kite designs - in reverse order with latest additions first.

My kite builds - so far... - in reverse order with the latest additions first.

My way doesn't mean I have "invented" everything I write about - far from it. I may have re-invented a few things, but most of the stuff is things I've learned in books and online. I may use some techniques in other ways than they originally were intended for. 
You have been warned! ;-)

The worlds simplest and fastest kite to finish?

The easiest way to start: The MBK SLED kite

DAN LEIGH DELTA kite not finished yet.

This post is a work in progress. More kites will be added.