Saturday 2 December 2017

Punta de Sardina Lighthouse

The Punta de Sardina lighthouse is about as far as you can get to the North-West of Gran Canaria (Spain). I visited the place just to be able to say that I've been there. If that is your reason too for being interested in this place, by all means, do go. I doubt that I will ever return.
There is hardly any other reason for going there. There's the lighthouse, some sand and stone covered slopes, some cliffs on the waterfront and not much else. Have a look around in the image below and you will see that I'm right.
The cars there indicate that the locals come there to fish.

Cueva de la Furnía

To get here you have to take the GC-2 in the direction of Gáldar. Take Exit 25, just south of the town of Gáldar. At the first roundabout, drive straight thru and follow GC-202 to Sardina (see map below).
I'm not sure there is any parking nearby. The roads are very narrow.