Saturday 2 December 2017

Cueva de la Furnía

To get here you have to take the GC-2 in the direction of Gáldar. Take Exit 25, just south of the town of Gáldar. At the first roundabout, drive straight thru and follow GC-202 to Sardina (see map below).
I'm not sure there is any parking nearby. The roads are very narrow.

My 360º images in this post were all shot with the Ricoh Theta SC camera with low ISO priority.
You can zoom in and out and move around to look in any direction from where they were taken. You can also click on the link arrows to move to other connected images.

How to get there

Next, take the narrow path to the left of Calle la Furnía 6. Even if you miss the house number, it's not possible to mistake the house, because of the colored tiles. I have borrowed the image below from Google Street View.

Continue past something that looks like someone's private entrance and terrace and further down the stair to the very bottom. It may be polite to ask if it is ok to pass if you meet locals, but it won't be a problem.

Finally, a look inside the cave:

When you go out to the Furnía cave you pass by a small cluster of buildings called Dos Roques. It has one of the better beaches on the north coast of Gran Canaria + a nice tide-water pool More about that in a separate Dos Roques post later.

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