My "not-really-suited-for-kiting" kiting area

Because of a limiting health situation, I'm usually launching the kites in my garden or on an old playground next to the house. The wind conditions (if any wind at all) are rather difficult. The wind is usu@ally rather gusty and everything but stable. Because the place is surrounded by tall pine trees and the 7+ meter tall building I live in, there is always a lot of turbulence. Still, I have found a few "sweet-spots" for wind from NW and N-NE. 
On the map below (from I have marked my kite-launching areas (of course depending on wind direction) with red. Blue lines are electric cables. 

Most kiters would probably, and correctly so, advice me against flying kites in this area at all. My problem is that this is the only place I easily can get to kite, without help from others, as my life is now. It is a challenge every time and I've learned to use strong line in order to haul down kites from trees. Besides - if I limit the kite line to 30-60m (depending on wind direction), I usually never have problems.
When the winter is over and the temperature and my energy level rises, I hope to take my e-bike to more suitable places nearby.

Anyway, building kites is what matter most to me. Usually it is enough for me to get the kite in the air - and with favorable conditions - let out all 100 meters of line, wait 5-10 minutes and reel in the line again. 

That is what makes my day!