About me

My main goal when taking a picture is to try to show the rest of the world something they have missed because:

  • it was too far away
  • it was too small to notice
  • it happened too fast
  • they simply weren't there when it happened

I also like to make people aware of interesting or beautiful things in general or even to show things from a maybe unusual angle.

I love birds and to try to get good photos of the species I see.
I love taking 1:1 macro shots of insects!
I also like to take nature/landscape images in general.
Since summer 2016 I have also been a keen 360º photographer.

I'm a "now and then" photographer because of my not so good health, In good periods, I can shoot thousands of photos and then nothing for a half year. For the same reason, I always have a huge backlog of not published or even edited photos.

Why no portraits or pictures of people? It is very simple. People around me usually don't like it when I point the camera in their direction. I don't think it is right to post pictures of people on the Internet without their approval.

I really appreciate constructive critic of my photos. I know most of them could be improved, but very often I don't know how - so please tell me!

I am a retired music teacher and musician.   If you're into "light music" you could have a listen to my Soundcloud recordings.
I also have a recording of "Autumn Leaves" with a slideshow on Youtube and a timelapse video with a recording of "Misty". Yes - I know "Mist" and "Misty" is not the same, I just needed an excuse to use the recording. Both are played on the Akai EWI USB.


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